A Little Bit Of History – Kodak 133 yrs Old

Kodak Camera

I think it’s fair to say most people today have a digital camera even if it on their phone.  They love taking photographs whether it’s just something that catches their eye, a night out with friends or a special occasion!  But how many of us realise how much we owe to Kodak and the pioneering work they did?

  • George Eastman Kodak’s founder produced the first roll of camera film.
  • George Eastman invented the most significant commercial camera ever produced.
  • 1897 Kodak introduced the folding camera, it was the first of a popular range of folding cameras using roll film.  Between 1914 – 1934 Kodak sold a staggering 300,000 3A Autographics.
  • 1900 George Eastman marketed the original Brownie with a price tag of £0. 5s. 0d (5 shillings in the UK or $1 in USA)
  • 1935 Kodak introduced Kodachrome the first 35mm colour film.
  • 1969 a Kodak camera was used during the moon landing.
  • 1975 Steven Sasson spent 10mths in a research lab creating the first digital camera with 0.1megapixels and approx size of a toaster.

There’s no doubt Kodak have given a lot to photography which is why I think it’s a shame that it had to file for bankruptcy protection.

The quote below is taken from an article on the BBC’s website, if you want to read the full article click here.

Announcing the move to seek bankruptcy protection, Antonio Perez, Kodak’s chairman and chief executive, said: “The board of directors and the entire senior management team unanimously believe that this is a necessary step and the right thing to do for the future of Kodak.”

If you would like to see Kodak’s Development in pictures please click here.

Are Londons Meet-up Group Shoots Right For You

During the past few months I’ve enjoyed going to some of London’s extensive photography meet-up groups. These have allowed me to work in other photographers’ studios and meet new models and MAUs. I’ve really enjoyed my experiences with the meet-up groups but I’m starting to feel the limitations of this approach.  Although I will still continue to attend the groups it’s important to keep in mind some the limitiations of the groups, such as

  • they are quite general in their approach,
  • they are aimed at a wide audience and don’t really allow you to fine tune the lighting or the model to your needs and aims
  • there isn’t time to allow everyone to change the lighting to their requirements, especially if you would like to experiment with different lighting styles

Although you don’t have full control over the lighting setup there are some things you can do to workaround the limitations.

  • changing the power of the lights
  • change the height  of the lights
  • ask your model to change her position in relation to the light

These will affect how the light falls on your subject changing the shadows, hardness/softness of the light and final look of your image.  And don’t forget the modifiers you use will also have an impact on the final result.

As mentioned above the meet-up groups aren’t working as well as they did for me, so I’ve decide this year I will take the plunge and look for my own studio.  Watch this space!
I’ve included some of the images from various workshops and I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Christmas Is Over

Well Christmas is done and the New Year is here already!!

I got three fantastic presents this year

  • an Elinchrom Rotalux deep octabox
  • a Canon WFT-E4 II wireless file transmitter grip (I’m in love)
  • Lastolite Tri-Flector II with stand

To top it off I also ordered myself an Avenger boom arm from Damien Lovegrove, which arrived on Friday.

In the coming months I’ll post some hands on views about how I get on with my new gear.